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YT Ads Formula Review, Demo and Bonus

Hi Guys, this is Ryan Shaw here and I wanted to introduce you to a new program we have called YouTube ads formula. Now, the reason I’m putting this together right now in 2019 is that I believe this is the number one way on actually getting results fast online. So you can get, you can make money $100 a day in many different ways. Let’s be honest. But I’m always looking for what’s hot, what’s working right now and where I see the trends going with online marketing. And frankly that’s with video, right? So you don’t have to be necessarily on camera like I am right here, but you do need to get involved with creating video in some way or another. That’s why I highly recommend getting involved with YouTube. It’s the number one platform on the Internet. It’s currently growing at leaps and bounds, and it’s getting so popular that it could be even replacing not only TV, but even Netflix is, is finding it hard to find a profit here in 2019.


In fact, I believe that over the next few years, we’re going to be seeing a very, very sharp decline of all types of video that’s not user-generated content. People are looking for really specific niche content. And by doing that, they’re also looking for products, right? So imagine being able to place your product or an affiliate offer, CPA offer, Amazon products, your own e-commerce store, your own info products, coaching courses, you name it, services right in front of your exact audience that you need to get in front of. Can you even do that with Facebook ads? Well, you can at a high premium, but with YouTube ads right now, not only have the costs actually decreased last year by around 8%, Facebook ads have increased by around 220% in 2019. So this means there’s a huge opportunity right now with YouTube and getting more success. If you’re struggling with other ad platforms or perhaps you’re just not getting the amount of traffic you like with free traffic methods.


So what we’re gonna do is we’re going to break down and teach you and how to sell on YouTube ads effectively across many different products and niches and actually get results fast. That means if you have a product or if you have an affiliate offer and you want to make $100 a day, I believe that you can get there within the next 30 days by using the methods that we teach here in this new program called YouTube ads formula. So this is something that we’ve been doing for many years, but the past two years we’ve been focusing specifically on YouTube, getting results for our clients, but also getting results for our own products. And in many cases, I’ve got an ROI of two x three x and four x and this seems to be true across the board. You put $100 in, you want to get $200 out, $300 out.


You know, it’s not a crazy number, but it does add up over time. So, let’s just say you’re spending $100 a day right now with YouTube ads and you’re making $200 a day. You’re currently $100 a day and it’s actually a very easy process. So we’re going to show you some cool stuff on how to manipulate the YouTube ads platform to get you the best results going out to the target markets that are really laser targeted. I mean we’re talking about, you know, people looking for wedding planners, you can target specific videos, specific channels, and do this really quickly.


So we’re going to show you how we do it using specific software and our techniques on getting the most success and getting the highest ROI is that you know, it cannot even be seen across the board with other platforms such as Facebook ads. So I’m excited to share this with you. We have over 3000 students in our previous YouTube ads course for local, but this one will be completely on how to dominate any niche with YouTube ads. I look forward to seeing you guys on the inside. Click down for more information and we’ll see you there.



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