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Video Submitter Demo, Review & Bonus

Video is your number one source for driving huge amounts of free traffic to your site. But not only does it take time to create videos, if you simply upload them to YouTube and do nothing else, chances are that nothing else will ever happen. You see, you will also need to promote your videos in order for them to start ranking on Google and in the search engine results.


A proven method of doing this is by video syndication, that is, to submit your video across a large network of video hosting sites and platforms. This way, you will quickly get quality backlinks to your videos and in turn, have them pass on authority link juice to your money sites.


What if you could automate this entire syndication process with a dead-simple app? Well, now you can, introducing: Video Submitter.


Now, what’s really important here is that you will start ranking your videos not only for long-tail keyword terms that no one ever searches for. Sure, it’s not like you’ll rank number one for something like “weight loss”, but you can still rank for solid keywords that drive big traffic – and it’s traffic that you can get for free.


Now, here’s the exciting thing about all of this. I’m not a traffic guy. I’m serious. I hate it. I’m a video guy. What I want to do is make videos. But if you’re going to make videos you need people to see them and that means you do have to get traffic to them from somewhere. What I always used to do was simply to buy it. I’d hand over my credit card to Facebook or Google… and then cry a bit when the bill came in.  Anytime I tried to get free organic traffic, even when I thought I was doing everything right, my videos never started ranking.


And that’s when this guy came along, AB Hannon is one of these weird guys who actually like SEO, but not just that, he’s also got his own software company and that’s a pretty cool combination. See, I’ve tried some video syndication software in the past, but none of them really worked. It was either built by someone who knew how to code, but didn’t really get SEO, so it looked great but it didn’t work, or by someone who knew SEO that didn’t know how to code.


So maybe the principles were good, but it was too full of bugs to do anything. AB Hannon’s software actually works and the proof of that is in those results because all we did to get those results were a few runs of this software. And you saw what it did: page 1 rankings and lots of traffic. Now, there’s no big secret behind this – it all comes down to just two things: video syndication.


Having your video hosted on one single web site like YouTube is good. Having your video syndicated on multiple video sharing websites is even better. Why? There are loads of videos sites with built-in audiences that savvy marketers are leveraging, but it’s not just about the views here. SEO has always been and always will be about backlinks, and you’ve probably heard how backlinks aren’t as effective as they used to be for articles, and even AB admits that’s true, but videos is a whole different ballgame.


Google loves videos. See when people run a search, Google wants to give them a wide variety of results, videos and text, but while there are loads of articles out there, most keywords don’t have good videos and that means with enough backlinks. You can even rank for tough traffic rich terms the more your video gets syndicated to different websites.


The more your video gets syndicated to different websites, the more it helps in pushing your original video higher in Google. You get more views due to the natural rankings of all the other sites you’ve embedded your original video on. You also get to drive link juice to any website URL of your choice by simply adding it in the description of your original video. And that means when you syndicate your videos to multiple sites, you pretty much can’t fail to get onto page one!


But you don’t want to spend ages submitting videos to multiple sites all by yourself. You got to wander aimlessly through millions of search results for new higher authority video sharing sites to syndicate your videos on. Think up yet another new username and password combo… and then wait until your email confirmation turns up. Fend off “brain freeze” while you manually submit videos to each site. Find some way to fit in your “part-time new job” of copying and pasting the different data that’s required by all of these video sites.


Worse than all the above options, spending money on outsourcers whom you can’t trust to actually do the grunt work. What do you lose? Peace of mind. And that’s why I’m really excited to show you this because after I saw the results achieved, I knew we had to bring it to a wider audience.


This is video submitter. It’s a revolutionary video submitter that helps you get traffic to your videos by submitting them to 30+ video sites at the push of a button. So, let me show you how it works. Let’s add a new campaign. It’s darn easy. Just enter the YouTube video code. This is at the end of every YouTube video URL. Enter some relevant keywords, then choose the appropriate category. I’d recommend going with the default proxy settings – and click “Start”. Now just sit back and relax the video submitter will complete the job in less than 60 seconds.


Click “continue” and here we go with the complete submission report. So days and weeks of work completed within 60 seconds. Another thing to note is that you could also build a profitable side business with a service every person doing SEO would want! Here’s a quick question for you. How many businesses want to get targeted traffic to their websites and videos? All of them!


Another question. How many businesses know how video syndication boosts traffic and SEO rankings? Many of them. This is why video submission is a hot service that companies pay hundreds for on a regular basis.


You can head over to marketplaces like Fiverr where you can see the amount of demand for video submission services. These freelancers charge anywhere from ten to twenty dollars for one single video submission. They’ve already made thousands of dollars offering these services to hungry SEO’s who are aware of how powerful but time-consuming video submission is.


You could also offer the same services them with the help of video submitter. All you need to do is click on create a campaign, enter some details and you’re done. If you scroll down below you’ll see a calculator that lets you calculate how much profit you could potentially make if you sold video submissions every single week.


The best part about having the video submitter developer license is the fact that you could make a cool $50 before you finish your morning coffee, all just by pushing a few buttons.


You’ll have the right to use the full power of the video submitter for unlimited client campaigns with the developer license. You get to generate white label reports so that you can send those fancy reports with your own logo to your client after they make the payment. When you show the results you can get you won’t have to sell your service. Just tell them how much they need to pay and watch them bite your hand off.


When you syndicate your video to multiple websites, Google can’t fail taking notice of your videos. You can snag more and more sales commissions and views for your videos, all with just a few clicks of your mouse.


So let’s get to the important stuff. What’s the deal here? Now, look, when you consider the time it takes you to submit a single video and then multiply that by 30 times for just one single video, you can see that the value of video submitter is priceless. But we do have to put a price on it and when it goes to the public that price of the developer license is $497 dollars, but today, as a special launch deal, you won’t pay anything near $497.


Because just by taking the time to visit and read this page and be a part of our launch, you’ve got the opportunity to save as much as seventy-nine percent, but you must act fast because once this launch ends you’ll have to pay the public price.


No exceptions. So if you want to start ranking your videos today, if you want to see your videos on page one of Google and get all the traffic that comes with that, click the get started button below and choose the option that best suits you.


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