60-Minute Empire – Review and Members Area Demo

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60-Minute Empire – Review Bonus and Demo

Hey, let me ask you a question. Do you want to make money online? A lot of money. I know. Stupid question. So let me ask you a better one. Would you like to set something up online and be able to totally walk away from it within 6 to 12 months and have it keep generating a fulltime income for you? 24/7. Yeah, that’s a much better question. Okay, so let’s get even more specific. How would you, my friend like to earn an income that other people build for you while your traffic keeps growing itself? Listen, what I’m talking about here is the best of all possible worlds. Howdy, my name is Lee Murray and what I’m sharing with you today is a three-step process unlike any you’ve ever seen. Step one, create or require a very special type of funnel. Step two, have that funnel promote other people’s funnels or “OPF”s.


And then step three, send 100% free and automatic traffic to your funnel and that traffic will keep sending more people into your funnel, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. And just what are these OPFs that I’m referring to? Essentially their ongoing educational resources fully hosted and managed by other online entrepreneurs. These resources promote industry standard products and tools and they do so using your affiliate links, they send emails out to their lists. Again, using your affiliate links. What’s really cool is that the majority of these products come with monthly recurring billing. This means that you keep getting paid for sales that the OPF owner generated for you months and even years ago. Let that sink in. I show you some rather compelling proof of this below. I actually was forced to take six months off of work due to debilitating illness and honestly like, uh, medication side effects, right?


So, I didn’t have the greatest of mental capacity to do online marketing whatsoever. Okay. But during that six months of not working, I was still continuing to make money from these OPFss, but it gets even better because a handful of these products are high ticket offers and you can see single commissions of as much as $1,000 a pop. Not only that, but many of these products are also multi-tier. This means that when sales are generated through your links and your new customers make sales themselves, you get paid and you never stop getting paid. Do I sound excited? Listen, this stuff has honestly changed my life. I’ve been making money online since 2008 and I’ve been earning my full time living online since 2013. That means that I was able to quit my job and never looked back, so I haven’t had a job since 2013.


I’ve been doing this stuff full time ever since then and nothing I’ve ever done in all of those 11 years making money on the Internet. Nothing I’ve ever done even comes close to OPF-marketing. So that’s what I’m going to teach you today in my all new 60-minute empire course. And why do I call it 60-minute empire? Simple. In my opinion, all you need to do in order to earn a very nice full-time income with this particular business model is work for 60 minutes per day. That’s it. Just an hour a day can set you free, and worry not my friend… I show you exactly how to spend that hour. No guesswork, nothing left out. In fact, as a special bonus for early action takers, I’m including my own over the shoulder case study videos. Yup. You can watch how I spend my hour. Who else lets you watch them build their business day after day?


Nobody, that’s who. All right, so in any event, I hope I’ve got you excited. You most certainly should be. This is a serious revolution and it beats the brakes off of quote/unquote normal affiliate marketing. Remember, you don’t have to do any selling. All you ever have to do is send people to a single page using the 100% free traffic strategy I teach you and then simply enjoy the chain reaction. Your leads will enter your funnel which will lead them into your OPFs, which we’ll sell them, which will earn you residual commissions and big ticket commissions and multi-tier Commissions. And this will happen 24 seven even while you sleep.


All you need to do is pick up 60-Minute Empire right now and follow my lead. You could either do that by clicking the payment button below or going through the rest of this page and then using one of the payment buttons down there. This is truly the most exciting way to make money online and I wholeheartedly mean that and it’s realistic. Unlike 99% of the one-click software offers out there. If you invest in any online money making product this year, make it 60-Minute Empire. This is the one, my friend. Enjoy it. Click the button below and grab it now while the price is still low, I’ll see you in the training area. Get ready to amaze yourself. Click the add to cart button below and grab 60-Minute Empire right now.



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